For our communities of Newfields and Newmarket…



Common sense suggests that our skyrocketing costs are attributable to detrimental decisions being made in Washington DC regarding such issues as foreign policy and oil production. While these economically harmful policies may continue, there are a few state policies we can pursue to ease our financial burdens.
  • Limit property taxes by capping property assessed value hikes to no more than cost of living increases.
  • Oppose introduction of new taxes and fees, particularly those on income, sales, and capital gains.
  • Refuse tempting Washington DC incentives that come with lingering financial strings attached.
  • Pursue more efficient, secure, affordable energy transmission methods to lower electricity bills.
  • Ease excessive regulatory restrictions that limit access to much needed, less costly power sources.


Common sense tells us that caring, responsible parents would never surrender their duty to ensure their child receives an appropriate, proficient education. As we call for high academic standards for our students,   there are ways we can empower parents with more choices in how they can help their child to successfully attain these goals.
  • Provide educational freedom for all parents to select the best area school to meet their child’s needs.
  • Expand charter school availability by simplifying public school conversions and using vacant schools.
  • Assure parental rights against neglected bullying, discriminatory instruction, and burden of proof.
  • Require state funded universities to accept rigorous high school courses or CLEP tests for gen eds.
  • Oblige all schools to inform parents of all concerns regarding their child’s health and well-being.


Common sense makes it impossible to deny that aging leads to changing needs. As people get on in years, their needs for medical care and/or physical assistance may increase while the financial burdens of inflation on a fixed income may be particularly difficult to face. In this time of new challenges, we must find assistance that we can share with our seniors to make sure they receive the help they need.


Common sense encourages us to do all we can to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy, but that has become increasingly difficult to do, particularly in the wake of the pandemic as well as the accelerating costs of health care, prescription drugs, and insurance premiums. In light of these difficulties, we must find ways around these challenges to maintain our rights for making our own care decision and to make good health less costly for all of us to achieve.
  • Expand the ability of pharmacists to provide low risk prescription drugs without a doctor visit.
  • Find a pathway to catastrophic coverage that doesn’t require the added, overwhelming costs of ACA.
  • Insist on parental involvement in all medical decisions made regarding their children.
  • Support health care and emergency workers’ right to keep their jobs regardless of COVID vaccination.
  • Grant the legislature the duty to determine any prolonged necessity for a medical state of emergency.


Common sense instructs us to assume that all people want our environment to thrive if for no more important reason than for our planet to continue to sustain our existence. For most, it goes beyond to a profound respect for nature, our desire to preserve the natural beauty for us to enjoy, and our want of the ecosystems to abound with wildlife in our beloved state. For a number of altruistic reasons, we should continue to pursue reasonable policies that preserve and protect our environment.
  • Promote conservation of open/scenic spaces, sensitive ecosystems, wildlife, & historic/cultural sights.
  • Assure that any new legislation will not negatively impact efforts to keep our waterways clean.
  • Encourage pursuit of renewable energy options while expanding affordable, reliable energy sources.
  • Require energy/infrastructure construction doesn’t negatively affect property values & natural beauty.
  • Advocate private development of a safe, environmentally sensitive, commuter transportation system.


“Common Sense,” a pamphlet by Thomas Paine published in January 1776, first elaborated in print on the obvious need for independence and suggested that a congress be created in order to secure our desire for freedom. From there, a continental congress formed to declare our freedom and then to create our constitutional republic that would protect that freedom not only from external but from internal forces that my seek to deprive us of these rights.
At that time and at many times since, our veterans of war fought to preserve out rights because freedom is not free. Out of the most profound gratitude to those who have and do serve, as well as our great responsibility to do all we can to protect our freedoms, we are obliged to pursue policies that will continue to safeguard our rights and that will honor those who have defended our freedoms by many greater sacrifices than most of us might ever need to endure.
  • Strive to protect veterans from incurring heavy financial burdens, particularly if due to their service.
  • Advocate for veterans to receive timely access to appropriate health care.
  • Protect our homeland from supply chain shortages by encouraging production in New Hampshire.
  • Defend local businesses from frivolous regulations and any future threats of unwarranted closure.
  • Require all future health related mandates respect personal choices regarding vaccinations and masks.
  • Establish the right of parents to protect the health, education, and welfare of their children.
  • Assure unions are more responsive to the wants of the members they are expected to represent.
  • Protect the integrity of our elections by requiring up-to-date New Hampshire identification to vote.
  • Guarantee that all considered legislation is Constitutional and does not infringe upon our freedoms.


Do you have comments to make or questions about my ideas, or do you have some additional thoughts of your own that you’d like to share? Your ideas are important to me as I seek to best represent the interests of the people of Newfields and Newmarket. If you’re willing to share, please write to me at my campaign email I look forward to hearing from you, and please remember to VOTE!